Dr Dirk & Katja Markus (Kensington)

We were moving our family to London and wanted expert advice as we had never bought property in the U.K. We had looked at various websites and quickly realised that most of the houses in Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Mayfair & Belgravia were too tall and narrow for our tastes.

We discussed our requirements with Jeremy who then inspected numerous properties and created a shortlist for our visit to London. One of the houses was an exceptional property that was not on the open market. We decided to make an offer but it soon became evident that the seller was not the most reliable individual so Jeremy advised that we should focus on other opportunities.

He then found a house which overlooked a square in Notting Hill, which was also not on the open market. We agreed a price on this but unfortunately a few days before we were due to exchange contracts the sellers disagreed on whether they wanted to sell and one party put a marital injunction on the sale.

Although we knew that we had been very unlucky it did not make it any less frustrating. Fortunately Jeremy continued to source some excellent properties including a very wide house with an exceptionally large garden in Kensington. Again this was not on the open market and this time we exchanged contracts swiftly and with the minimum of fuss.

Throughout the process, Jeremy gave us clear advice pointing out the disadvantages of each property and honest appraisals about when he thought the price was too high. Consequently we now own a fantastic home and despite the frustrations of the first two properties, the process was actually very smooth – we were only shown properties that met our exact requirements and Jeremy co-ordinated the solicitors and surveyors, so our time was never wasted. We would highly recommend you ask Jeremy to represent you if you are planning to acquire a home in London.

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