Mr M Slee

Jeremy was recommended to me by a friend, and without his services I would undoubtedly not have found the property I ended up acquiring.

As my target property was in a highly competitive segment of the property market, Jeremy was very helpful in sifting through all the substandard properties and also more crucially in getting to new properties faster that they were made available to the general public.

Once I had visited a handful of properties with Jeremy so that he precisely understood my requirements, it would almost have been possible to bid on a property purely on his recommendation. Jeremy’s patience and dedication to finding the right property were much appreciated as the search process took far longer than I had initially expected and at no point during the search did I feel any pressure to compromise.

When the right property did eventually appear on the market, I was the first person to visit it and with Jeremy’s help closed on the deal very swiftly. Without Jeremy I would undoubtedly have needed to make big compromises or I would still be searching today!

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