A Frightening Fact About Property

Did you know that people spend more time choosing a holiday or a computer than they do a home. Are they mad? The problem for most buyers is summed up in a survey undertaken by the Sunday Times Newspaper which, discovered that the average buyer only spends 60 minutes viewing properties before they buy.

The problem of course is time. One can shop for a holiday or television in the comfort of one’s home or office. Although one can view properties online (unfortunately not always the best residences), it is highly inadvisable to buy one in such a fashion. Acquiring a multi-million pound property is a serious investment: You must visit the property and carry out the necessary due diligence.

Unfortunately getting to and from the property is in itself time consuming. Then you have to spend time looking at the property. This does not even take into account the numerous phone calls and follow up emails and further calls to the estate agents and your “off-market sources” – work you have to undertake to ensure that you are seeing the best opportunities available – remember there are over 230 estate agencies in prime central London.

Therefore to spend an hour physically viewing properties (which will entail 4-10 properties if looking for a 1500 sq.ft. apartment depending on the time one takes) actually involves numerous hours work if one is conducting the research correctly.

Of course, if you are like our members you may be too busy focussing on your business to spend the necessary time learning and understanding the prime London property market. However, if you don’t then the probability is that you will make an embarrassing mistake by overpaying for an average property when a better home is available just around the corner.

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  • How to motivate a seller to choose you as the preferred buyer by understanding price is often not the most important factor in a property transaction
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And many more strategies you can put to use to gain a tremendous advantage when it comes to acquiring your central London home.

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