How to Gain Access to the Finest Properties on
the Central London Market and Acquire Your
Ideal Home on the Best Possible Terms

Dear Prospective Homebuyer,

Discover how to obtain access to the finest properties on the central London market by reading The Seven Most Expensive Mistakes London Property Buyers Make and How to Avoid Them — a valuable guide to acquiring your ideal home and ensuring your acquisition is an astute investment.

In this compact report you discover:

  • The compelling reason why the things you do before you begin your search are as important as the actual search itself. Get these right and your chances of making an ideal acquisition rise immeasurably. Fail to prepare and you risk handing the best opportunities to a competing buyer.
  • Why you must find the right professionals to carry out the essential checks and investigations — or risk losing your ideal home. Many buyers miss this crucial step and then regret it when they lose the home they set their heart on.
  • How to ensure you gain access to the finest properties on the estate agents’ books and make your choice from among the most prestigious homes available. Many buyers waste time viewing wildly unsuitable properties, and never find their ideal home. Put this technique to use and ensure you see nothing but the best.
  • The best ways to find properties not being sold through an estate agent. Many of the best properties are never placed on the open market at all — and knowing how to access them places you at a distinct advantage to other buyers.
  • Why relying on the internet seriously affects your chances of ever finding the ideal home by making your property search even more difficult than it already is. Many prospective buyers turn to the internet to find a property and are disappointed as a result. My report shows you how to avoid it.
  • Why the asking price of the property and the actual value can be worlds apart, and how you can ensure you don’t overpay or miss the opportunity to acquire a home at a bargain price. This strategy alone can save you hundreds of thousands — even millions — of pounds on your property acquisition.

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Jeremy McGivern
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