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To receive your free copy of my book, please leave your details to the right so that we can send it to you. Please include your telephone number as the book will be couriered and we may need to confirm details if there is an issue.

All I ask in return is that you respond to the questions asked. We conduct a huge amount of market research to gauge demand for each type of property. Your information is strictly confidential and will never be sold, rented, given or released in any other way to third parties.

You will also receive a set of 6 CD’s which is the audio version of the book if you leave your details to the right, now. The CD’s are not available to the general public but if you would prefer to pay for the book, you can visit Amazon.

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Mr M. Swire (Kensington)

I can strongly recommend Mercury’s services as a property search agent. I knew that any flats they did propose were put forward after a rigorous filtering process and it was a comfort throughout the process to know that they were acting entirely with my ...

Rigorous Selection Process

John Preston & Susanna Gross

They were unfailingly helpful and attentive, as well as constantly being one step ahead of the game in finding properties that had either just come onto the market, or were just about to. Nothing was ever too much trouble and they were always on hand to offer practical ...

Ahead of the Game

As my target property was in a highly competitive segment of the property market, Jeremy was very helpful in sifting through all the substandard properties and also more crucially in getting to new properties faster that they were made available to ...

Mr M Slee