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If you would like to discover the tested and proven strategies we use to find and acquire London’s finest homes and investment opportunities for prices that our clients didn’t think possible you can:

How To Easily Acquire Your Ideal Home or Investment On The Best Terms Possible

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There are those who seemingly glide through life. They always seem to know the right people and are the first to hear about the best opportunities. The uninitiated observer thinks these people are lucky; fate favours them.

Of course, the opposite is true. Luck has nothing to do with it. They have just discovered a simple truth in life: if you follow the herd, then you are guaranteed average results. If this wasn’t the case, the vast majority would be highly successful and wealthy.

But how can you leverage the knowledge that the consensus is normally wrong to grow your wealth and protect your family’s ongoing financial security?

Creating and then keeping wealth are two distinctly separate skills. You have probably already noticed that families like the Rothschilds, the Du Ponts, the Ortegas and the Kwoks use property as one of the key foundation stones of their legacy protection and wealth strategies.

But how do these families ensure they are making astute acquisitions? What are the pitfalls they avoid? How do they find the best properties with relatively little effort almost as if the properties are brought to them?

To discover their secret simply reserve your Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint

The Blueprint starts with a one hour consultation with Jeremy McGivern, London’s leading expert on acquiring residential property. Jeremy will thoroughly review your property requirements and give you all the tools you will require to make a successful acquisition.

He will reveal closely guarded information about what is developing in the prime London market and the signs you need to look out for in case a crash is imminent. This is information you simply will not read in the press or hear from estate agents and is essential if you want to buy an exceptional home or investment.

Your Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint Will Include:

A diagnostic analysis of your target market

What has happened over the last 24 months and what do we expect in the next 1, 5 and 10 year period. I will advise whether now is a wise time for you to make an acquisition or whether you should wait and for how long.

How to become a preferred buyer

One of the unspoken secrets of the London property market is the preferred buyer system. People with preferred buyer status will see the best properties ahead of you, meaning you often won’t even be aware of the finest homes and investments available. I will show you how the preferred buyer system works and how to have immediate access to it.

A hotlist of agents who typically have the best properties in your price range and target area

This is a comprehensive list that none of your competitors, i.e. other buyers, will have.

A diagnostic analysis of your requirements

We will use our True Valuation Matrix to analyse your requirements. During our meeting we will discuss the results including: Preferred Areas, Street & Building Targeting plan. Micro areas to avoid, A review of price movements for the last 24 months and forecasts for the next 24 months. A Sales analysis of your preferred area, and the last three years sales statistics in your chosen area.

Investors' profile

Discover which areas will offer the most growth, when to buy, the type of property to buy and the best financing.

Advice on negotiation strategies

Discover how I negotiate significant price reductions to achieve terms that my clients thought would be impossible. I will share with you my most successful negotiation techniques and how they can be applied to your property purchase.

Your questions answered

I have been sourcing & acquiring prestigious London properties for 14 years and have bought hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property. I have also personally inspected over 20,000 properties and studied the details of over 150,000 houses, apartments and investment opportunities. Bring any questions that you have for me to our meeting and I will ensure that they are answered. As your trusted advisor for your purchase, you have access to my expertise and experience to save you time, find your property and complete the purchase fast – and negotiate the very best price.

Your buying team

You will be given access to our team of proven experts who can help with everything: finance, tax, surveys (including structural, electrical, gas, drain, etc.), conveyancing, lease valuations, school applications, removals, interior design, security, etc. Avoid the bureaucracy and confusion by having a team of specialists represent you.

The viewing checklist

This simple list will show you what to look out for and the questions to ask when inspecting a property. Information is essential in any negotiation and this is the foundation.

The conveyancing checklist

Agreeing terms is not the end of the negotiation. It is essential that the “conveyancing” process is handled correctly otherwise you could lose out to another buyer (nothing is legally binding until you exchange contracts). Your solicitor will help but this checklist tells you everything you need to consider once you have agreed terms on a property.

Sourcing off-market properties

One of the effective strategies we use is to approach owners directly. You will receive a copy of the letter we use that has been proven to work. You will also be advised of the follow up process required to increase the probability of success

I will explain how you can work with me

To source, negotiate and complete the purchase of your property – and why the time and cost savings I create for my clients, makes working with me effectively Free.

To reserve your Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint, please call 0800 389 4280 (or +44 800 389 4280 from outside the UK).

Alternatively you can email veronika@mercuryhomesearch.com or leave your details below:

To reserve your Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint please call 0800 389 4280 (or +44 800 389 4280 from outside the UK). Alternatively you can email veronika@mercuryhomesearch.com or leave your details to the right:

Best regards,

Jeremy McGivern

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