You’ve read my book. You follow my articles. Now, you want to get detailed information on what is happening in your target areas and price range, so you’re thinking about requesting a Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint.

     But you’re hesitant, because you don’t know what to expect.

     So here is an overview of your Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint (BPAB)

     The BPAB is a 60 minute diagnostic meeting or telephone conversation with me, Jeremy McGivern.

    First things first. You may well be wondering whether spending 60 minutes of your time with me is going to be worth your while. And if you think you know everything there is to know about property, then it won’t be, so please don’t apply.

    However, if you are planning to acquire a £1m+ property and

  1. I can show you just one way of finding a property that is 1% better than you could


  1. If I only reveal one negotiation technique that will save you just 1% more than you would manage in the negotiations

     then this hour is worth £10,000 minimum (obviously you may have a much larger budget, but I am sure you get the point).

     And to remove all the risk for you, you will also be covered by a very simple guarantee:

If you do not think that the BPAB has been worth ten times the fee, then I will refund your fee immediately.

     There are no small print or caveats. It is just a simple guarantee. The fee is £495+VAT and if you don’t think the advice and information, I will give is worth at least ten times that sum, then you shouldn’t apply for the BPAB. But if you do, you can be sure that your money will have been well invested and it is guaranteed if for some reason you are not.

     So what can you expect?

  1. We will arrange a time for the BPAB which can be a meeting or telephone conversation
  2. You will receive a brief set of questions which you will need to complete and return at least 48 hours before the BPAB
  3. A diagnostic analysis of your requirements – this will be based on the answer to the questions and further discussions we have on the day
  4. A hotlist of agents who typically have the best properties in your price range and target area
  5. How to become a preferred buyer. One of the unspoken secrets of the London property market is the preferred buyer system. Naïve buyers rely on the websites, which is what everyone else does, but do you think relying on the websites gives you an advantage over other buyers?
  6. A list of the hidden costs that you must consider
  7. Investors – discover which areas will offer the most growth, when to buy, the type of property to buy and the best financing
  8. Advice on negotiation strategies – discover how I negotiate huge price reductions to achieve terms that my clients thought impossible
  9. Your questions answered. I have been sourcing the finest homes and investment opportunities for over 18 years. Bring any questions that you have for me to the consultation and I will ensure that they are answered. As your trusted advisor for your purchase, you have access to my expertise and experience to save you time, find your property, negotiate the very best price and complete the purchase fast.
  10. Your Buying Team – It is essential that you have a team of experts who are experienced in handling London property transactions. You will be given access to our team of proven experts who can help with everything: financing, surveys, conveyancing, lease valuations, school applications, removals, builders, interior design, security, etc. Avoid the bureaucracy and confusion by having a team of specialists represent you.
  11. The Viewing checklist – this simple list will show you what to look out for and the questions to ask. Information is essential in any negotiation and this is the foundation
  12. Discover how to source off-market properties in your preferred areas

Will you benefit from a Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint?

     The blueprints are not suitable for everyone. However, if you:

  • Are concerned that you do not know the market well and might make a mistake
  • Want to avoid having your time wasted with bureaucracy and pointless viewings
  • Are uncomfortable with or are not experienced in property negotiations
  • Do not trust estate agents
  • Simply want impartial, objective advice from an expert with a proven track record

     It doesn’t matter if you are a Londoner or an overseas buyer you will find the BPAB incredibly helpful and huge value (50% of Mercury’s members are British and most have lived in London for years. We have helped buyers from Singapore, Dubai, USA, Germany, Bahrain, France, India, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Egypt, Qatar & Portugal amongst others).

     Not only will it save you a vast amount of wasted time, bureaucracy and stress, it is also guaranteed to save you at least £10,000 for every million pounds you are planning to spend on your property.

And I do GUARANTEE this. It is very simple - If you do not think that the BPAB has been worth ten times the fee, then I will refund your fee immediately.

     The cost for this is £495+VAT. And if you don’t think that I have provided ten times that value in this 60-minute consultation (the negotiation advice alone is worth this tiny investment), then I will refund the fee and you can walk away with the blueprint.

     So, if you would like to be several steps ahead of other buyers and the estate agents, then you can reserve your Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint by calling Veronika on 02034578855 (+442034568855 from outside the U.K.), emailing veronika@mercuryhomesearch.com now or leaving your details in the form in the top right hand corner of this page.

     I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Jeremy McGivern

p.s. One mistake I have seen many successful business people is the “I have been successful in business so I will be successful in property” syndrome.

In such cases, because they have achieved a significant level of success in their field of expertise, they think that they can replicate this outside their areas of expertise. I have lost count of the number of people who dabbled in “development properties” thinking that it was easy money, but lost a fortune.

The same applies to buying a home. Every week I see properties being bought when I know there is a better option often literally just around the corner. Don’t let this happen to you.

Of course, you’re unlikely to make a life-threatening mistake, but why not eradicate the possibility and give yourself the best opportunity of buying the finest property available for the most favourable price possible?

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