CNBC – London property is a “screaming buy”

There was a note recently on CNBC pointing out why fears over Brexit were massively overdone:

"One of the best trades you can do right now is something you'll only see every few decades, and that's basically going long London real estate," Kay Van-Petersen, global macro strategist at Saxo Capital Markets, told CNBC.

Property prices in London have surged by more than 85 percent since 2009, according to data from Hometrack's U.K. Cities House Price index. But look back to 2015, before Brexit fears set in, and you'll see prices in London were already trending down from 2014 highs.

Knight Frank flagged declines in prime central London real estate, blaming in part the introduction of a stamp duty on high-value property, which has since been extended to include second homes and buy-to-rent properties. And so, while price increases in London are beating the national average in the U.K., according to the Office for National Statistics, the headlines are all about a collapse in house building in the British capital and prime property bargains for foreign buyers.

That's why Van-Petersen said going long London property is one of his high-conviction trades over the next five-to-ten years. According to his research, the average GBP/USD has been about 1.74 over the last 45 years, a 40 percent lift from the current levels.

"Why are you messing around trying to catch the last 3 or 5 percent down, right? So from my perspective, that to me is a rock n' roll kind of trade. I would be more inclined to actually look to upside on sterling. I actually think we'll make the lows in the first half of this year, if we've not already made the lows."

Van-Petersen said he believes the U.K. will emerge from its EU exit "leaner, meaner, and just much better." Investors who go long London property, he argued, aren't just getting real estate in one of the capitals of the world at multi-decade lows on the pound. They're also betting on the world's wealthy.

"In essence, what are you being? You're being long emerging-market billionaires, you're being long emerging-market new wealth because London always ends up being a trophy city, right, at the end of the day," he said. "To me it's the screaming, screaming kind of trade. You're not going to see something like this again for a long time."

Now you may well disagree with what he says about the UK being better outside the EU. However, his point about emerging market new wealth is undeniable. More importantly, the people in these countries will not only be significantly richer, they will also have access to much more credit. This is what will drive up land and property prices globally, but especially London and other global super cities.

Brexit is a political issue rather than a credit issue. I know I repeat this point incessantly but it is so important for you to understand:


There are centuries of evidence to back this up. Unfortunately for the masses, they are spoon fed information by the media, economists and politicians which is, on the whole, largely inaccurate and misleading, which is why the length of the bull markets confound them.

Then they finally capitulate thinking that prices will actually continue to go up because they have somehow guided the economy to a “safe place” of virtuous prosperity. This is normally a good signal that a crash is on its way and is exactly why the Queens asked an audience of economists in 2008 “Why did no-one see this coming?”

As Kay Van-Petersen points out above, trying to time the last 5% drop in prices is a fool’s game. Especially as what the market does as a whole is irrelevant. Remember you are not trying to buy shares in Walmart, Glencore or Berkshire Hathaway. You are just looking for that one ideal opportunity to buy an exceptional property at a favourable price.

Waiting for the market is frankly idiotic when what you actually need to do is find sellers who own a “best in breed” property and who are keen to transact.

This is why you need to be actively looking now.

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