Your Complimentary Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint

All your questions answered and a bespoke strategy designed for you.

If you are as astute and inquisitive as my clients, you probably have specific questions about the prime London property market.

For example, you may want to know:

  • Which agents are the best ones to use?
  • Is now a good time to buy or should I delay making an acquisition?
  • What is the minimum lease I should consider?
  • What is the typical discount you can negotiate at the moment?
  • How can I find the best properties even when I am busy?
  • How can I accurately value a property and ensure I am not making a mistake?

And I am sure that you have other questions and concerns specific to your individual situation.

Consequently, I now create Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprints (BPAB) so that I can answer your questions directly. (The Blueprints normally cost £1,000+VAT). However, they are free for those who qualify.

The BPAB’s consist of a 30 minute phone consultation during which you speak to me directly.

I will then create your Bespoke Blueprint which you will receive within 7 days. The blueprint will include:

  1. A hotlist of agents who typically have the best properties in your price range and target area
  2. A letter to give to give to the agents to guarantee you preferred buyer status – you will see the best properties before other buyers even hear about them
  3. A diagnostic analysis of your requirements – I will advise which are the best areas, streets and buildings to target as well as the ones to avoid. This alone will save you hours of wasted viewings
  4. Investors – discover which areas will offer the most growth, when to buy, the type of property to buy and the best financing
  5. Advice on negotiation strategies – discover how I negotiate huge price reductions to achieve terms that my clients thought impossible
  6. A complimentary pass that allows you to send me one property to analyse once you think you have found your ideal home. I will advise you on the price and will provide you with accurate comparable data. You can then negotiate in confidence knowing that you have the correct information, so there is no question of being poorly informed, looking stupid or buying at an inflated price.
  7. Details of proven experts who can help with everything from financing to surveys to conveyancing to lease valuations. Avoid the bureaucracy and confusion by having a team of proven experts represent you.
  8. The Viewing checklist – this simple list will show you what to look out for and the questions to ask. Information is essential in any negotiation and this is the foundation.
  9. The Valuation Matrix – this easy to use tool will help you to accurately compare properties and establish their true value for you.

Of course, you will also be able to ask me any questions during our 30 minute consultation.

Will you benefit from a Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint?

The blueprints are not suitable for everyone. However, if you:

    • Require advice on which are the best areas and streets
    • Are concerned that you do not know the market well and might make a mistake
    • Want to avoid having your time wasted
    • Are uncomfortable negotiating or feel you need to understand more about property negotiation
    • Need recommendations for good solicitors, tax experts, surveyors and other specialists to protect your interests and minimise the wasted time and bureaucracy involved in property transactions
    • Do not trust estate agents and purely want to buy “off-market” properties

Then you should apply for a Blueprint by emailing quoting BPAB.

The fee is usually £1,000 + VAT for me to create the Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint. However, if you reserve your blueprint in the next 14 days and fulfil the qualification criteria, the fee will be waived (please note that the blueprint needs to be reserved in this time but our one to one conversation can take place at a later date).

Why would I offer you a complimentary Blueprint?

Well nothing is really free; I know that it is possible that having spoken to me and received the information in the blueprint, you will feel it appropriate to ask me to help you acquire your home or investment in London.

But please be assured, the Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint is not a sales pitch in disguise. It is an in depth review of your property requirements and concerns, which is underpinned by my 14 years’ expertise of buying property in London and negotiating hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property transactions.

You are obviously a successful and intelligent person otherwise you would not have accumulated the wealth to allow you to buy a property in London. However, you are probably not an expert on this particular subject which is why you requested The Prime London Property Puzzle.

I have a proven track record of finding homes and investments for my clients that they would never have known were for sale and achieving prices that they did not think possible. So by reserving a blueprint, you can tap my expertise to discover the dangers to avoid and the opportunities to target.

If you are serious about acquiring a property in London you will want these strategies that have been proven in the marketplace and have saved my clients hundreds of thousands and, in many cases, millions of pounds – not to mention access to my list of contacts who will smooth the process and save you money.

If you decide to carry out your own search and acquisition, the blueprint is yours to keep. So why wouldn’t you let me share this information with you?

To reserve your complimentary Bespoke Property Acquisition Blueprint, simply click the button on the form below:

Or contact Veronika at now or call 0800 389 4280 (or +44 800 389 4280 from outside the UK).

Take the first step to acquiring your ideal home or investment in prime central London.

Best regards,


Jeremy McGivern