How Can You Negotiate The Best Price?

One of my favourite parts of acquiring a property is the negotiation. 99% of buyers believe the negotiation begins when you put forward your first offer. This is why 99% of buyers do not achieve the best price or most favourable terms possible.

It is essential that you remember that the negotiation begins the second you make contact with the estate agent – so even before you have viewed a property. The reason for this is that negotiations are more often than not decided by personalities rather than facts.

If you question this, just think of all the times that you have put forward a rational, fully researched proposal that has been rejected for no obvious reason. This could be a business proposal or suggesting something to a loved one. The fact is that very often emotions play a huge role in any negotiation, because as humans we are emotional and ego driven as well as logical.

As I have mentioned in my book The Insider's Guide to Acquiring Property in London – the impressions that the estate agents have of you is essential. They need to know that you are prepared, organised and capable of transacting swiftly and efficiently when you find the right property. This means that you will see the best properties first. However, just as importantly their confidence in you will be relayed to the sellers. Now this may seem obvious but I have lost count of the number of times and agent has said to me “we have had a good offer from another party but I am not sure that we trust them”. This is one of the reasons we are often able to acquire properties despite not putting forward the highest offer.

Also if the agent likes you then they are more likely to be helpful. It is a simple fact that people prefer to do business with people they like than ones they don’t – providing ,that is, you can act efficiently.

It is therefore important to be polite on all viewings and to build a relationship with the agent. However, it is also important that you take a consistent approach to the viewings. You should neither be hugely negative or positive, but just give clear feedback on what you like or dislike about each property. This consistency is important because what you do not want to do is start jumping up and down in excitement saying “This is fantastic! This is the one!” when you find your ideal home - this will seriously weaken your hand in the negotiations. Now you may laugh and the example I have just given may sound like an exaggeration but I have had one or two clients do this and my clients are highly intelligent and sophisticated individuals. There are ways to counter-act exuberant outbursts but it is much better to show interest while conveying the fact that you are not desperate to buy the property. Because if you play “the reluctant buyer” and make it clear that you will be happy to walk away from the property, you will be in a far stronger position psychologically.

Now although these are very simple negotiation concepts they should not be dismissed. They are part of the foundation of your negotiation strategy and I will go into this in more detail next time.

However, if you have specific questions about negotiating, please email me at

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