How will the Scottish vote affect London property?

The vote is later today. The polls suggest that anyone could win. The question is, will a “Yes” victory, i.e. the Scots going their own merry way, have a negative effect on London property prices?

A number of my clients have contacted me in the last two weeks concerned about this. Indeed there are many issues that could have a negative impact on London, but this isn’t one of them. In fact I cannot see how it can have anything but a positive impact on London prices in the short-term.

Here is a brief list of reasons:

  1. The uncertainty will likely cause a further decline in Sterling which will boost London prices by making them more attractive to international buyers
  2. It is likely that the major financial firms in Scotland will be forced to relocate. London is the obvious choice
  3. Wealthy landowners may decide to sell and relocate (not necessarily their entire wealth but certainly a percentage)
  4. London subsidises the rest of the country through tax receipts. Scotland is one of the major beneficiaries and not vice versa.

In fact I can only see two ways that a Yes vote can have a negative impact:

  • Alex Salmond declares war, which would be the equivalent of a black swan the size of an elephant flying over the horizon.
  • The Yes vote causes a delay in the UK election which would lead to greater uncertainty in the short term.

But from a financial or economic perspective I can’t see there being any direct effect on the prime London property market.

Anyway more will be revealed in the next 24 hours. My guess is that the world will keep spinning…

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