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The Insider’s Guide To Acquiring Luxury Property in Prime Central London & Set of 6 CD’s

In the book and set of 6 CD’s you will discover:

  • The most effective ways to find “off market” properties

    See the properties that most buyers will never even know exist.

  • How to have your offer accepted even if it is not the highest offer

    Get this right and your chances of making an ideal acquisition rise immeasurably. Counter-intuitively this has little to do with the actual negotiation itself.

  • How to ensure you gain access to the finest properties on the estate agents’ books first

    Most buyers waste time viewing wildly unsuitable properties and never find their ideal home. Put this technique to use and ensure you see nothing but the best.

  • Why relying on the internet seriously affects your chances of ever finding the ideal home by making your property search even more difficult than it already is.

    Most prospective buyers turn to the internet to find a property and are disappointed as a result. This book shows you why and what to do.

  • Why the asking price of the property and the actual value can be worlds apart, and how you can ensure you don’t overpay or miss the opportunity to acquire a home at a bargain price.

    This strategy alone can save you hundreds of thousands — even millions — of pounds on your property acquisition

  • 20+ negotiation techniques to help you acquire your home on the best terms possible

    These are strategies I use in every negotiation to achieve prices my clients would not have thought possible (this may seem too good to be true. However, if you would like to speak to past clients who will confirm this, please contact me. While many of my clients value their anonymity some have kindly agreed to speak to you if you wish).

  • The ten questions you absolutely must ask the estate agent or seller

    Information is power in negotiations. These questions are your foundation for negotiating the best price possible

  • And More...

    and many more tips and proven tactics to ensure you successfully purchase your ideal home or investment while avoiding the normal stress, frustrations and unnecessary expense endured by the average buyer.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Jeremy McGivern. I am the founder of Mercury Homesearch, the internationally renowned property search consultancy, and author of The Insider’s Guide To Acquiring Luxury Property in Prime Central London. I have been acquiring property in prime central London for clients for over 13 years.

Having physically viewed over 22,000 properties in prime central London, studied the details of over 153,400 apartments, houses and investment opportunities and spoken to 232+ estate agents every week for over a decade, my advice is in high demand and has featured everywhere from Bloomberg Television, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph to Forbes India and Bahrain Confidential.

Please note that the strategies and techniques revealed in the book and CD’s are not just theory. They have been tested and proven over 13 years of acquiring hundreds of millions of pounds worth of prime London

property for my clients, who include some of the world’s wealthiest families and most successful entrepreneurs and business people - it may surprise you but over 30% of our clients are British and based in London so this information is relevant whether you have bought a property in London before or not.

Acquiring a prime central London home is a minefield for the uninformed. Make sure you put knowledge on your side by reserving your free copy of The Insider’s Guide To Acquiring Luxury Property in Prime Central London and set of 6 CD’s. Simply leave your details above and I will have them sent to you immediately.

Good luck finding your ideal home in London.

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Jeremy McGivern

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