Is London Property Recession Proof?

The prime London property market bounced back from the 2008 financial crisis incredibly quickly, outperforming nearly every other asset class. This has led some commentators to suggest that prime London property is “bulletproof” and that you cannot fail to make money.

This is complete nonsense. Now it may seem odd to hear that coming from someone who advises clients on their property purchases, but it’s true. No asset in the history of the planet goes up in a straight line, whether that asset be property, gold, internet stocks, or even tulips (if you have not heard of Tulipmania – the Dutch “internet bubble” of 1637 – or are interested in investor psychology, you should read J.K. Galbraith’s excellent book, “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”).

You will read arguments from “the bulls” who maintain that London property is a safe haven and that it will be insulated from price drops because of a lack of supply, limited opportunity for new developments due to planning restrictions, and the fact that it’s the most cosmopolitan and international market (in 2011, buyers from 65 different countries acquired property in London).

Meanwhile “the bears” will point to historically high prices, the price to earnings ratios, and the temporary effects of interest rates and currency movements.

Both sides have valid arguments. Unfortunately the arguments cannot take into account your personal situation. You may be overly exposed to stock markets and underweight in property. You may want to “park” money in an asset. Alternatively you may just need a home!

My advice to you is to consider the role of the property within your overall portfolio even if it will be your main home. It’s extremely unwise to allocate too much of your wealth to any one asset, even prime London property or gold. At some stage they will invariably fall out of favour. You need to ensure that you’re never a forced seller in such times.

Of course families that have accumulated and kept wealth for generations have huge property holdings. This is because over time property is a great hedge against inflation and therefore a much better store of wealth over the long term than cash. Consequently some refer to property as a legacy investment. However, the families that have maintained their wealth for generations use it as one part of a diversified portfolio.

The key is not to be over exposed or overleveraged as there may be times when property massively underperforms. As I have mentioned, many people lost money in the recent crashes, i.e. 1972, 1990 and 2008 (do you notice a pattern here?). This is because they were not able to stay in the market during these periods. In some cases they were overgeared, in other cases they were totally exposed to property assuming that it was a one way bet. If their cashflow was poor they then became forced sellers in a weak market. The most unfortunate examples of this recently can be seen in America and Ireland, where multi-millionaires suddenly found themselves insolvent.

Now I know that these are different to the Prime Central London market. However, hubris is a major danger. There are always “unknown unknowns”, so do not concentrate your wealth entirely in London property unless you’re aware of the risks you’re taking.

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