London Property Discovery Day

Hosted By Jeremy McGivern at St James's

If you would like to attend this exclusive event at the RAC Club on 18th March 2017, please provide the information requested on this page so that I can tailor the day to ensure that you receive the most relevant information. It will be an intense few hours so please provide as much detail as possible.

Please note that numbers are restricted to 8 parties (16 people in total), so please provide the information now and we will confirm your application.


Here's what we're going to cover during the afternoon:

  • The indicators that city analysts and economists ignore (which is why they didn’t see the crash of 2008 coming) that will show you what is going to happen in the market and answer the question that everyone wants to know – is now a good time to buy and if not when will be?
  • Your Buying Team – You will be given access to our team of proven experts who can help with everything: financing, surveys, conveyancing, lease valuations, school applications, removals, interior design, security, etc. Avoid the bureaucracy and confusion by having a team of specialists represent you.
  • Our top negotiation strategies which have been tested and proven to achieve large price reductions and enable you to achieve the best terms possible
  • The Viewing checklist – this simple list will show you what to look out for and the questions to ask when inspecting a property. Information is essential in any negotiation and this is the foundation.
  • Sourcing off-market properties – One of the effective strategies we use is to approach owners directly. You will receive a copy of the letter we use that has been proven to work. You will also be advised of the follow up process required to increase the probability of success
  • The Conveyancing checklist – Agreeing terms is not the end of the negotiation. It is essential that the “conveyancing” process is handled correctly otherwise you could lose out to another buyer (nothing is legally binding until you exchange contracts). Your solicitor will help but this checklist tells you everything you need to consider once you have agreed terms on a property.
  • A hotlist of agents who typically have the best properties in your price range and target area. This is a comprehensive list that none of your competitors, i.e. other buyers, will have.
  • A diagnostic analysis of your requirements – We will use our True Valuation Matrix to analyse your requirements. During our meeting we will discuss the results including:
  • How to become a preferred buyer. One of the unspoken secrets of the London property market is the preferred buyer system. People with preferred buyer status will have first refusal on the finest homes, meaning they will be sold before you are even aware of them. I will show you how the preferred buyer system works and how to get immediate access to it.
    • Preferred Areas
    • Street and Building targeting plan
    • Micro areas to avoid
    • Sales analysis of your preferred area
    • Last three years sales statistics of your chosen area
  • How to uncover information on accurate comparators so that you can be confident in your valuations
  • Your Questions answered. I have been sourcing prestigious London properties for 16 years. Bring any questions that you have for me to the event and I will ensure that they are answered.

This event will take place at a private members club in St James’s on Saturday 18th March 2017 and runs from 1pm to 4pm. It is by application only and numbers are strictly limited to 8 parties (i.e. 16 people if couples).

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