Focussed on protecting their members’ best interests

Mr P. Murphy

My main concern about choosing an expert to help me find a home in London was finding someone who would have my best interests at heart rather than just focussing on the transaction.

I undertook a lot of research but they were all ex-estate agents who just wanted to ensure a sale was done to get their commission. However, Mercury Homesearch seemed to have a completely different ethos with the focus very much on protecting their members’ best interests, so we asked them to represent us …

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Stand out specialists in acquiring property in central London

Mr. Z. Sidek (South Kensington)

Arguably the most impressive part of the entire service was that Jeremy advised us to buy a property that was 30% under our maximum budget. This proves not only his expertise but also integrity as he would have received a higher fee if we had bought a more expensive property.

I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. If you are planning to acquire a property in London, he will find you an exceptional property and save you time, stress and money. His fee has already paid for itself several times over.

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Smooth Transaction

Bahrain-based Family Office

We used Mercury for the second time to help us purchase a property in Central London. As with the previous transaction, Jeremy and his team were true professionals and provided us with both sage commercial advice as well as …

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I bought a house at a discount

Clarissa Ward

I travel a lot for my work and was feeling completely overwhelmed by the prospect of searching for a new home. Mercury Homesearch made the process as smooth and as seamless as possible. Jeremy McGivern has enormous experience in the property market and …

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I wish we reached out to him earlier

Mr. V.M.

Jeremy took over the negotiation strategy and helped us keep our cool throughout the process, getting a better deal than we expected. He introduced us to solicitors who handled the purchase and gave us tax advice, as we were unfamiliar with the British law in these matters …

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I avoided making a dreadful and expensive mistake.

Hugh Garmoyle

I was referred to Mercury Homesearch by a friend. Although I already own property in London and have numerous property investments elsewhere, I had been advised that Jeremy could find me a better apartment than I would be able to and negotiate a better price, so I asked him to represent me …

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Are they trustworthy?

Mr C.L. (Belgravia)

There is one fundamental question I ask when looking for advisers: are they trustworthy?

Jeremy McGivern at Mercury Homesearch has been advising me and my family on our London property acquisitions for over ten years. In that time he has helped us acquire several apartments and houses.

His advice has always been clear and backed up with sound …

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Invaluable Advice

Abhisheck Lodha (Belgravia)

If you wish to acquire a property in London I strongly recommend you use Mercury Homesearch. I have no doubt that we would not have been able to buy a property, which represented such value in one of London’s finest addresses, without his knowledge and …

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Rigorous Selection Process

Mr M. Swire (Kensington)

I can strongly recommend Mercury’s services as a property search agent. I knew that any flats they did propose were put forward after a rigorous filtering process and it was a comfort throughout the process to know that they were acting entirely with my …

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If they had not been representing us it is highly unlikely that we would have bought the beautiful home we now have

Dinkar & Sagrika Rai

They have gone above and beyond the call of duty – they regularly check on our house while we are in India and have been kind enough to source things for the house. We know we can simply make contact and they will make the necessary arrangements quickly and …

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