Dinkar & Sagrika Rai

If you live in India and are planning to acquire a property in prime central London, we strongly recommend that you ask Mercury Homesearch to represent you. The way property is bought and sold in the UK is very different to India and the process was far more complicated than we had anticipated.

We are based in Mumbai and although we spent a lot of time in London looking for suitable properties, we were not sure what represented good value – each area and even streets in the same area varied hugely in price. Consequently we needed someone to advise us on location, price; to handle the negotiations and then to co-ordinate the complex legal process.

Unfortunately, it was clear that we could not listen to the estate agents as they were acting solely with the seller’s interest in mind. Fortunately a friend in Mumbai recommended Mercury as he had already benefited from the service offered by them, so we knew that we could rely on their advice.

We were delighted to agree a price on a newly refurbished house and assumed that the transaction would be reasonably straightforward as the seller was a property developer. However, he proved to be extremely difficult, making unrealistic demands and was generally very unhelpful. Fortunately, Mercury and the specialist property lawyer they had recommended dealt with the many issues, which saved us time and a great deal of aggravation. In fact if they had not been representing us it is highly unlikely that we would have bought the beautiful home we now have.

In addition, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty – they regularly check on our house while we are in India and have been kind enough to source things for the house. We know we can simply make contact and they will make the necessary arrangements quickly and efficiently.

In our experience, we have learnt to trust them with handling all aspects of purchase. These include selecting the right area, the right property in the area, handling price negotiations, closing the sale, documentation and execution of the transaction. The service rendered is of highest standard and flawless. Honestly it has exceeded our expectations. If you wish to acquire a property in London and make an astute purchase, Mercury Homesearch are the first people you should call upon.

We recommend them whole-heartedly.


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