Mr R Schlipper (Hyde Park)

“We are long time Hong Kong expat residents, we recently bought in Central London to be close to Europe, family and friends. We chose central London specifically for its currency and geographic diversification out of Australasia. 

We were looking for a property that met our personal needs, but importantly we were looking for a desirable location and a property that had a better chance to hold or increase its value against its peers. After initially looking we realised that within many areas of London there were pockets that were more desirable than others, also there were varying property types within these areas, some offering us much better opportunity than others. 

Buying in London can be complicated for many reasons and we wanted to make sure our decisions were made on the best information available. During our research we spoke to many friends that had London property experience and Jeremy McGivern was recommended by several friends who had purchased quality properties working with Jeremy. 

We engaged Jeremy and it instantly took a lot of stress out of the process. Jeremy’s experience helped us navigate through the many complexities of buying in London. He provided clarification and guidance on the specific locations and property types and the important and less important issues that came up during the transaction process. Jeremy also made introductions to a good lawyer and reliable contractors, etc. which gave us connections into their networks helping us avoid the lengthy and uncertain process of having to figure this out through trial and error. 

Overall it was a very good decision and experience working with Jeremy and we ended up in a great location and with a property we are very happy with. Even knowing what I know now about the London property buying journey, I would not hesitate to use Jeremy if I was to buy again in London.


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