Mark Wells (Notting Hill)

Acquiring a fantastic investment property in London would have been impossible without Mercury Homesearch.

I live in Canada so trying to acquire an investment in London was not going to be easy. I looked at various websites to try to get a feel for the market, but it was clear that I was neither seeing good opportunities nor able to truly understand valuations.

I felt many of the photographs on the websites were probably misleading and, of course, estate agents are trying to sell the properties for the highest price possible so the descriptions of each apartment were overly optimistic.

I knew that if I relied on the websites I was almost guaranteed to make a hugely expensive mistake. So in search of more information, I requested a report and book on acquiring property from Mercury Homesearch.

The strategies and tactics revealed in the book showed me exactly what I needed to do. Nevertheless it seemed clear to me that I would find a better property, achieve a better price and avoid all the hassle involved if I asked them to represent me.

I was not disappointed. Indeed it was refreshing to have someone advise me not to rush into buying a property. They shortlisted only a small number of properties, organised tours for when I was in London and were very clear about what they felt were the drawbacks of each property. There was no ridiculous sales pitch or attempts to pressure me. I was simply given honest and clear advice.

Although the initial properties exactly met my requirements, they felt they could find a better opportunity. I followed their advice and then they discovered a newly refurbished apartment in a fantastic location where they felt there may be some flexibility with the price.

The developer played hardball in the negotiation but the team at Mercury devised a negotiation strategy which meant that we got a discount on the asking price and they also negotiated the full suite of designer furniture and appliances to be included.

They then co-ordinated the surveyors and solicitors to ensure a smooth transaction. I now have an excellent property bought at a great price and have avoided all the wasted time, stress and other problems I had anticipated. I strongly recommend you ask Mercury to help you if you are planning to acquire a home or investment in London.


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