Ian Gibson (Chelsea)

“If you are based abroad and wish to buy a property in London, I highly recommend that you ask Jeremy at Mercury Homesearch to help you.”

I first requested information from Mercury Homesearch several years ago and they provided some excellent material.  They then continued to send me useful information including Jeremy’s book, The Insider’s Guide To Acquiring £1m to £100m property in London, and regular market updates and insights.  Unlike other firms however, the material was geared towards helping to educate buyers rather than just try to achieve a quick sale.

When I was ready to buy a London property, I didn’t hesitate to contact Jeremy.  Although I had bought several properties in Australia, it was clear that we would need help and he had a depth of market knowledge and expertise that an international or domestic buyer would find difficult to replicate.

We talked through our requirements and he helped us clarify those areas we weren’t clear about and things we hadn’t thought of.  It quickly became obvious that Jeremy understood what we were after.  He didn’t send us dozens of properties in an attempt to “make a quick sale”, instead we received only a handful of properties that matched our requirements.

As we couldn’t travel because of the pandemic, Jeremy shot a video of the first property he recommended explaining the pros and cons of the apartment.  It had views and access to a wonderful communal garden in Holland Park.  We bid on it but took too long as it was the first property we had “seen”.

Jeremy started with a low offer which was rejected.  However, I was somewhat surprised that the apartment sold quite soon afterwards because I thought we’d have more time considering the turmoil and uncertainty from Brexit and COVID-19.

Fortunately, Jeremy soon found another apartment with period features and high ceilings in Chelsea which was clearly a good match with what we were after.  Despite the attractive guide price, Jeremy negotiated a further discount and then helped co-ordinate the transaction which was more longwinded than I had expected. This assistance was important as I needed to concentrate on my business and not waste time and suffer the stress of dealing remotely with the bureaucracy involved in property transactions.  He even continued to help us post the sale.

I admit that it was a new experience buying a property “remotely” but I had complete confidence in Jeremy’s expertise and, more importantly, trustworthiness.  At no stage did I feel pressured, the properties he recommended were exactly what we wanted, the advice was always clear and well researched and he more than delivered on everything he promised!  Jeremy’s client service is excellent and a level above that I’d expected.

As we went through this process, it became very clear that there was no way we could have mastered the required market knowledge to be confident of getting the right property at a good price.  There are just too many nuances and pitfalls especially for an international buyer.

I’m certain that we would not have found such a good property even if we had been able to fly to London and do it ourselves.  I will use him again and recommend that you ask him to help you if you are buying a property in London”


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