Mr C.L. (Belgravia)

There is one fundamental question I ask when looking for advisers: are they trustworthy?

This is essential as there is invariably an underlying conflict of interest – anyone who is paid only if a transaction completes is incentivised to ensure a transaction takes place. Will this cloud their judgement and/or advice?

Of course, one can never be certain despite researching and interviewing potential advisers, so the proof invariably comes with experience.

Jeremy McGivern at Mercury Homesearch has been advising me and my family on our London property acquisitions for over ten years. In that time he has helped us acquire several apartments and houses.

His advice has always been clear and backed up with sound comparable data. More importantly he is quick to highlight the downsides of any given property. In fact he spends more time persuading me why I should not be buying a property rather than trying to sell properties to me. His conservative nature means that if he is even vaguely positive about a property then I know that it at least deserves consideration.

The fact that we have bought numerous homes for different members of the family through Jeremy highlights the belief we have in his expertise, but also his trustworthiness. The proof is also in the result of each transaction.

Consequently I have recommended him to friends and business acquaintances and I recommend that you ask him to advise you in your property acquisition.


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