Mr. C .Thomsen (Kensington & Chelsea)

Mercury was recommended to me by a number of people. I had bought property before in London, but it was clear from what our friends had told us, that we would find a better property if we had Mercury represent us due to their network of contacts and expertise in valuations and negotiations.

We wanted a house with access to communal gardens and the first property they recommended was obviously a good deal from a financial perspective but was not quite right for us. However, the second property pretty much matched our wishlist with the exception of the first floor which had been altered by the owners.

Fortunately, Mercury has a huge archive of property data and they were able to show us a historic floorplan and photographs which showed the first floor of the house in its previous layout – an exceptionally large and wider than average room with fantastic ceiling height. In fact, the room is unique as planning had somehow once been agreed to remove walls that normally have to remain.

In addition, they were able to provide me with reams of data and detailed information of several other similar properties that had sold in the area, so I had an accurate list of comparators and could see what represented fair value and what would represent an excellent purchase price.

I was surprised by how quickly they found the property but at no time did I feel pressurised to buy. Indeed, Mercury devised a couple of negotiating strategies and advised us to delay making an offer if we wanted to achieve the lowest price possible.

We followed their advice and, in short, we acquired the property for significantly less than the asking price and also 7.5% below a previous offer that they had accepted. Mercury then co-ordinated our solicitors and the surveyors to ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction.

So, I strongly recommend that you become a member of Mercury Homesearch if you are planning to acquire a property in London. They have delivered on their promise and we now have our ideal home, acquired at a great price and we avoided all the wasted time, hassle and stress normally involved with buying a property in London.


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