Mr. & Mrs. M. Davies

We wanted to buy an investment property in London. However, as we are based in Singapore and have little experience of the London property market, we knew we required expert advice. A friend recommended Jeremy McGivern.

He questioned us in detail about our requirements and recommended the best areas for us to target. We were regularly updated on the search but were rarely sent properties as Jeremy felt that most of the apartments he initially inspected were not up to the required standard. It was a relief to know that he was not just trying to force a sale upon us by bombarding us with property details.

When he recommended a property he was very clear about his reservations as well as highlighting why he thought that it was a good opportunity.

He provided clear comparables to prove his valuation and we were able to decide quickly and confidently to proceed.

Jeremy handled the negotiations and we thought that that was where the bulk of his work was done. However, it transpired that the sellers’ solicitors were not particularly efficient and there were other complications with regards to the Land Registry. I have no doubt that if Jeremy had not been representing us that we would not have concluded the transaction because of the time we would have had to waste dealing with these problems. As it was Jeremy handled the situation so that the purchase continued through to completion. He then recommended a firm of letting agents who rented the property swiftly at the target rent.

Throughout the process it was reassuring to know that Jeremy was protecting our interests and we would not have bought such a good property without his advice and expertise.

If you are planning to buy a property in London, we would recommend his services highly.


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