Mr P. Murphy

My main concern about choosing an expert to help me find a home in London was finding someone who would have my best interests at heart rather than just focussing on the transaction.

I undertook a lot of research but they were all ex-estate agents who just wanted to ensure a sale was done to get their commission. However, Mercury Homesearch seemed to have a completely different ethos with the focus very much on protecting their members’ best interests, so we asked them to represent us.

Fortunately they more than lived up to their reputation. From the outset, they fully understood our reservations about the typical London house and didn’t waste our time with unsuitable homes. Indeed, throughout the search process, they were very open about any minor drawbacks, even of the properties they recommended, as no property is perfect.

After a few months, a house that had been on the market for a couple of years became of interest as Mercury were aware that the seller had become more flexible and that it could now be negotiated to a good price which would bring it within our budget.

We were keen to progress the negotiations quickly. However, they devised a negotiation strategy which they felt would give us the highest probability of achieving the lowest price possible. This involved moving more slowly than we would have liked but they managed to secure a significant reduction of £500,000 from the asking price which in hindsight we would not have achieved if we had tried to secure the property quickly.

This proved that they had our best interests at heart because they could have secured the property quickly at a higher price and received a higher fee. Instead, they had the confidence and professionalism to give us the best advice.

They then co-ordinated surveyors, solicitors and financiers to ensure a smooth transaction. In addition they also assisted with choosing a design and build team to fully renovate the property by shortlisting three reputable companies and overseeing the initial site visits.

In short, they changed what would have been a time-consuming, stressful and expensive process into a highly enjoyable experience and we have acquired our perfect home at a favourable price. I cannot recommend Mercury Homesearch highly enough and you would be making a mistake if you did not have them represent you. Pete Murphy (Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea)


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