Mr. Z. Sidek (South Kensington)

I wanted to acquire a home in Knightsbridge or South Kensington. However, being based overseas, I faced various challenges: I was worried that I would not see the best opportunities and might overpay for a property because all the information seemed to be provided by the estate agents who are employed by the sellers. Therefore taking advice from them was not necessarily deemed a sensible option.

I wanted to be represented by an expert and having read The Prime London Property Puzzle, it was clear that Jeremy McGivern was the stand out specialist in acquiring property in central London. I am very pleased that we chose to work with him.

Instead of sending us details of dozens of potential properties, we were presented with a handful of carefully selected opportunities. Not only did he explain the positive aspects of each property, he was also very clear about what he thought might be the potential drawbacks for us – these happened to be minor but it was refreshing to have such an honest appraisal.

I also quizzed him about numerous properties he had not sent us but which I had seen on the internet. He knew them all and explained why they were unsuitable – poor views, photographs that made the properties look much better than they were, noisy roads, poor addresses or the fact that they were simply overpriced. He saved us days of wasted viewings.

All of the houses he showed us met our requirements, but one in particular stood out as having great potential and at a good price. Jeremy arranged for one of his trusted builders to inspect the property before we made an offer in order to guide us on the cost of the extensive renovations and advise us on what would be possible from a planning perspective.

Jeremy handled the bid process and manged to negotiate a significant discount despite there being other parties bidding on the property. He then co-ordinated the solicitors and surveyors to ensure a swift and efficient transaction. I was surprised at the number of issues that arose but these were dealt with in a very professional manner and he and the solicitors clearly explained why they recommended various courses of action – the UK legal system is not as transparent as I had expected!

Arguably the most impressive part of the entire service was that Jeremy advised us to buy a property that was 30% under our maximum budget. This proves not only his expertise but also integrity as he would have received a higher fee if we had bought a more expensive property.

I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. If you are planning to acquire a property in London, he will find you an exceptional property and save you time, stress and money. His fee has already paid for itself several times over.


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