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A Stunning Apartment With Amazing Entertainment Space & Exceptional Views

My clients own a number of properties in Europe but had been renting in London for several years as both their sons studied here. However, they wanted to spend more time in London and decided to acquire an apartment.

Some of the key requirements included:

  • Great entertaining space with high ceilings
  • Nice views
  • Close to Marylebone High Street
  • Good security
  • Outside space

My clients had a good budget for what they wanted. However, while there were several properties that nominally fitted their requirements, I advised them not to waste their time visiting any of these options as they were not “best in breed”.

I then found an exceptional lateral apartment in a discreet building with excellent facilities and security. However, having agreed a price, the sellers then became difficult and I advised my clients that they should withdraw their offer.

While, most issues can be resolved with good communication and negotiation, occasionally you will deal with people who move the goalposts and/or do not act ethically, so you simply have to walk away.

Fortunately, I soon found a superior opportunity – an amazing apartment with a 58 feet wide reception that also had 3.75m high ceilings and stunning views as well as access to a communal garden.

If you would like to acquire the best property your money can buy and negotiate the lowest price possible, there are several tested and proven strategies & tactics you must use. To discover the ones that will work for you, you can request a complimentary Strategy Call by clicking here.