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To join the queue of buyers who rely on websites and fight over inferior properties?

If you would like to discover the tested and proven strategies we use to find and acquire London’s finest homes and investment opportunities for prices that our clients didn’t think possible you can:

The buying process

The Dominant Buyer System - our proprietary property buying process ensures that you acquire your ideal home or investment on the best terms possible while making it an enjoyable experience.

The Dominant Buyer SystemTM

You have a choice. You can either follow the crowd and do what every other buyer does – view property websites and set up property alerts so that you receive an email whenever a new property that vaguely matches your criteria becomes available.

This may just about be a satisfactory way of finding properties under £500,000. However, if you are acquiring a property over £1m and you are relying solely on the websites, then you are massively handicapping yourself.

You often hear buyers lament the fact that they feel they are missing out on the best properties or are being pressured in negotiations because they know dozens and dozens of other buyers have also seen the same property on the websites. Is that a position that you want to find yourself in?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t use the sites. Of course, you should. But you just need to be aware that you are really just joining a queue of buyers, so what advantage does that give you?

Research has shown that the average person spends more time booking a holiday or choosing a computer than they do buying property. Considering that you are planning to spend at least £1m and probably considerably more, would it be a bad idea to adopt a more sophisticated approach?

Our system ensures you have first refusal on the finest residences and that you will see the best opportunities. The time consuming property buying process and stress of buying a home is removed, i.e. you won’t be one of the many buyers whose time is wasted on fruitless conversations with estate agents, not to mention the frustration of traversing London only to discover that the property that they were told is “a perfect match” is, actually, totally unsuitable.

Instead, you will be able to spend your precious time with your family, pursuing your favourite pastimes or simply focussing on business.

Through using our multiple approaches to researching and sourcing property you will be the dominant buyer within your criteria. When we agree to represent you there are eight systems that are activated immediately:


Property buying process explained: Dominant Buyer System

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Whether you wish to acquire a luxury property in London for use as your main home, an investment or simply as a legacy for your children or grandchildren, you can expect to purchase the finest property within your chosen criteria.

The Dominant Buyer System incorporates the tested and proven strategies that we have been using for our clients for over 20 years to ensure you achieve your two main goals:

1. To find the best property your money can buy

2. To negotiate the lowest price/best terms possible

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“We would have missed the opportunity if Jeremy had not been representing us.”

“Mercury Homesearch was recommended to us by some friends who had used them to acquire a home in Kensington.

Although we live in the UK and know London well, we had not bought a property there before and our friends said that they were reliable, would act in our best interests (unlike the estate agents who are paid by the seller) and good negotiators.

Jeremy did not send us many properties and we were surprised by one that he strongly recommended because the floorplan and details did not look promising. In fact, if we had not had a visit to London planned, we would have been reluctant to arrange a trip just to see the apartment because it appeared unsuitable.

Having said that, Jeremy had not wasted our time sending lots of average properties, so we were intrigued to find out what was so good about this one. When we arrived, we were surprised not only by the standard of the building but also the apartment itself.

The long corridor that was one of our concerns had windows it’s entire length so was light and not as gloomy as we had imagined. Also, the apartment was exceptionally light throughout and had views over Marylebone, which is a rarity in the area, because this building is a little taller than most.

We also saw other apartments in the building and the surrounding streets which were similarly priced but nowhere near as good. I am not sure why this one hadn’t sold. I presume that other buyers had either ignored it because of the floorplan or missed it despite it being openly advertised on the internet.

Jeremy then handled the negotiation to achieve a discount to the asking price, so we now own an exceptional apartment that has cost us less than inferior properties have sold for in the same building.

Frankly, we would not have even visited this property and would have missed the opportunity if Jeremy had not been representing us.

In addition, we have not been pressurised by estate agents, had our time wasted or suffered any of the stress which normally comes with acquiring a property. We will be recommending Mercury Homesearch to our friends and recommend you ask them to help you too.

We were also impressed by Jeremy’s patience to our changing ideas about housing in London and his willingness to support us also with an auction process for a house that we finally decided not to buy. He was always very pleasant company and his advice always proved to be right.”

Dr. & Mrs Stelter (Marylebone)