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A Tough Decision Over Two Wonderful Apartments

Our client was based in Hong Kong but has a child at school in the U.K. and also travels to London frequently for business. He wanted a family apartment with good light & views ideally with access to communal gardens or close to a park. The preference was for a property that required updating.

We found two apartments that really stood out. One was a stunning first floor apartment that had been converted across three buildings and had access to a communal garden. The ceilings were 4.4m high. This apartment really is a rarity and is also in one of the areas that we think will outperform in the coming years.

The second apartment was in one of the most popular mansion blocks in Kensington with 24 hour porters. It had 3.1m ceiling height, is light and has great views as it is on the best floor in the building. It is also a two minute walk to Holland Park or five minutes’ walk to Hyde Park.

This created a dilemma for our client: to go for the apartment which most definitely had the “wow” factor but required more work and was in a slightly less good address (but with a potential huge uplift in price) or should he choose the classic option in a better location which required work but considerably less than the other apartment?

We had several conversations about this over the space of three days. I could tell that, while our client loved the potential of the property with 4.4m ceilings, he was unsure about the area and I was also concerned that he may not have the time to focus on the larger, more complicated project.

Consequently, I advised him to acquire the apartment in Campden Hill Court as it still met his requirements, was a simpler option for him and had the added advantage of being a lower price.

He now owns a lovely apartment in a great area that his architect is transforming.

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