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“Please find us a lateral apartment with a stunning garden”

I was approached by a couple whose daughter and son-in-law I had helped a couple of years before. The key requirement for their daughter had been a nice garden because they had children and she also enjoyed gardening.

This was clearly a family trait as her mother is an avid gardener too. So, although they were downsizing from a house to an apartment to avoid going up and down numerous stairs, a garden was still of paramount importance. They also wanted to remain within walking distance of Hampstead High Street.

The difficulty was finding the right sized apartment, which had plenty of light despite being on the ground floor and a garden that was something exceptional. However, using our extensive network of contacts we were able to find an apartment with a 68 x 55 feet garden and two off-street parking spaces.

The garden while nice has since been transformed from a large lawn with borders to this stunning oasis of peace and tranquillity that would shame Chelsea Flower Show. Indeed, it is so incredible it is sometimes opened to the public.

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