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April 6, 2023
Jeremy McGivern
Posted in: Luxury real estate London

The Top Five Chelsea SW10 Streets for Property Investors

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Regular readers of my market reports and book know that we have a “best in breed strategy” for investors in property, so it pays to know which are the five best streets in each area in London. These are the best in Chelsea, SW10.

Please note that Chelsea is a large area within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) and this article will focus on the SW10 postcode part of Chelsea, so if there are not roads that you would expect for Chelsea as a whole, then this is why.

There are also several factors I have used to determine which are the best streets and it is not simply to do with which streets have had the five most expensive sales in SW10. If that had been the case the King’s Road would feature because there is one house that has sold for over £40m. However, this is the exception rather than the rule and, on the whole, I would avoid acquiring a property on the King’s Road.

investors in property

Here Are the Five Best Streets in SW10 for Investors in Property:


The Boltons, Chelsea SW10

This isn’t actually a street but an array of houses arranged around an oval garden. The houses are detached, over 7,000 square feet with nice gardens and the most expensive has sold for over £50m. The white stucco-fronted houses are extremely popular because they are much wider/less tall than the typical house in RBK&C, so the rooms are well-proportioned.

The street is also one way around the garden so it is also pretty quiet and of course the garden in the middle adds a layer of privacy as you don’t look across the street into the houses opposite.


Gilston Road, Chelsea SW10

A pretty, one way street which feeds into the The Boltons. The houses while not as wide as The Boltons are still much wider than the average house in Kensington & Chelsea. Consequently, the gardens are also bigger than normal and the large front gardens offer the owners more privacy and security as well as off-street parking in some instances.

These houses range from 3500 sq.ft. to over7500 sq.ft.


Tregunter Road, Chelsea SW10

The road intersects with Gilston Road and The Boltons and is again part of the Boltons Conservation area. If you own a property in a conservation area, it does restrict what you can do to the property but is less onerous than a listed building.

The advantage of living in a conservation area is that it means that you know that none of your neighbours can do something out of character, e.g. all the properties are white, stucco fronted buildings, so if you wish to paint the outside of your house a different colour then you do not want to buy here.

Having said this, many of the houses have been extended dramatically over the years and the houses in Tregunter Road have particularly big gardens for prime central London so are very popular. However, you must be aware that valuations fluctuate dramatically because one end of the street is far more popular than the other.


Harley Gardens, Chelsea SW10

This is a small, quiet street of only 15 houses which run parallel to Gilston Road. The majority of the houses are on the eastern side of the street and vary dramatically in size from 2500 sq.ft. to over 8,000 sq.ft. However, very few of the smaller houses still exist in their original format as they have been extended.

The one downside of the houses on the eastern side of the street are that the gardens are quite overlooked by the large mansion blocks on the western side of Drayton Gardens.


The Little Boltons, Chelsea SW10

A mixture of semi-detached and detached houses as well as one side of a very popular mansion block called Colherne Court which has a fantastic communal garden.

The houses are of similar design to others in the Boltons Conservation area so are popular because of their width as well as the large gardens.

The most expensive house to be sold in the street was over 8,000 square feet and achieved £24m.

investors in property


Of course, there are many other great addresses in SW10, which may be better suited to the type of property you wish to acquire. There are several new developments being built by Chelsea Harbour, there are traditional mansion blocks as well as smaller family houses and traditional properties that have also been converted into apartments.

However, there are also many roads and properties that you as an investor in property, need to avoid because they will underperform the market for various reasons.

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Whatever you do please ensure that you stick to our “Best in Breed” strategy so that you as an investor in property, can find the best property your money can buy and negotiate the lowest price and best terms possible.



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