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South Kensington

Our international client had very specific requirements and didn’t want to have his time wasted by estate agents who would indiscriminately send him any houses they might have. He also wanted objective advice on values and someone to negotiate on his behalf.

We found a property that matched his criteria and also allowed him to add value by extending the house. We arranged for builders to give estimates before we offered so that my client had a clear understanding of the costs. The client was particularly pleased as the property we recommended was more than 25% below his maximum budget.

Client's comment

“Arguably the most impressive part of the entire service was that Jeremy advised us to buy a property that was 30% under our maximum budget. This proves not only his expertise but also integrity as he would have received a higher fee if we had bought a more expensive property.

I cannot recommend Jeremy highly enough. If you are planning to acquire a property in London, he will find you an exceptional property and save you time, stress and money. His fee has already paid for itself several times over”.

Mr Z Sidek