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“I have referred clients to Jeremy as I know that I can trust him to give objective advice. By understanding what the client really needs he can help them find the right property often reducing the amount they have to spend compared to their original budget. He has also proven that he can find good opportunities and negotiate significant discounts.”

Robert Brodrick
Chair of the Management Board – Payne Hicks Beach Solicitors.

Acquiring a home in a highly competitive market

We had originally acquired an apartment for this client in 2013. Since then, he had married and had two children, so the apartment was no longer ideal and the family needed somewhere bigger. Five of the key criteria were: Good...
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South Kensington

Our international client had very specific requirements and didn’t want to have his time wasted by estate agents who would indiscriminately send him any houses they might have. He also wanted objective advice on values and someone to negotiate on...
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